Friday, August 18, 2017

Hans-Adam Talks About Princely Interests and Obligations

Photo: Joanna Birnbaum / Kleine Zeitung /
Shortly before National Day in Liechtenstein, Prince Hans-Adam gave an interview from where he was visiting in Kalwang (within Styria, Austria). He discussed his own personal and family history of visiting Styria and the many good memories that it holds for the Princely family. The interviewer also talked about the Prince's business interests in Styria and abroad, and the Prince talked about how he has divided the different family responsibilities among his sons: state, banking, and land/business.

On a personal note, Prince Hans-Adam noted that in his youth he had expressed to his family a desire to study physics but that his rather pointed out "Hans-Adam, we cannot afford that. You have to study economics and law: economics to rebuild the fortune, and law because I want to give you the office of the head of state." The Prince has retained a love for physics, as well as archeology, as hobbies, just as his father studied mathematics as a personal interest.

The interview also touched on the Princely family's art collections and the Prince's own hard work to rebuild the family's financial standing (in part to continue the history of building the art collection). In response to the question about a "secret to success," Prince Hans-Adam highlighted the importance of the Princely family's closeness to the people of Liechtenstein, as well as their own commitment to paying privately for the monarchy. He offered the reminder that the state is a provider of services and that the people have the right to decide if the state is sufficiently accomplishing that requirement.

The full interview here.

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