Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Prince Nikolaus Attends "Signs of Connectedness" Service

On the 27th, Prince Nikolaus was in Schrun, Austria, to attend a service marking the "Signs of Connectedness" in honor of the founder of the Pan-European Union. On the 27th of July in 1972, Richard Nikolaus Coudenhove-Kalergi passed away in Schrun, and this 45th anniversary memorial event was particularly focused on the recognition of a merging of cultures and embracing of refugees.

The memorial service also included the blessing of a fountain by Cardinal Christoph Schönborn. The service was held at the church of St. Jodok, and attendees included President of the National Council, Karlheinz Kopf, and President of the State Parliament, Harald Sonderegger, along with local Mayor Jürgen Kuster. Prince Nikolaus spoke at the event.

A little more information here. No photos at present, but they'll be added if any are made available.

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