Saturday, November 25, 2017

Maria-Teresa and Stéphanie Visit International Bazaar

Photo: Laurent Blum / Luxemburger Wort /
'Tis the bazaar season in Luxembourg! Just two weekends after the Red Cross Bazaar it is always time for the International Bazaar and this year was no different. Grand Duchess Maria-Teresa and daughter-in-law Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie were on hand to open the event and touring the 73 stalls representing 61 countries. The grand ducal ladies seem to have especially enjoyed a stand featuring hats. It also looks like they split up inbetween to make sure to see all the different stalls. The proceeds of the bazaar go to various charities. 

Photo: Roland Miny /
The International Bazaar of Luxembourg is an independent, secular, voluntary, charity organisation that traces its origins back to a series of small church bazaars that began in the early 1960's. Post-war Luxembourg was growing in its engagement in European affairs and the country was teeming with foreign born residents, particularly young European officials and their families. These creative individuals produced a number of new organisations, including the International Bazaar.

The first Bazaar was held in connection with the Anglican Church of Luxembourg to raise money for the church and for charity. After its first year, the Bazaar moved further into the Luxembourg community being held on Rue Notre-Dame in 1961 under the joint patronage of American and British ambassadors and staffed by volunteers of many nationalities. The 1962 Bazaar raised 75,000 Luxembourgish francs for the Clinique d'enfants, Fondation Jean-Josephine Charlotte, bringing the event to the attention of the Grand Ducal Family. In 1967 the Bazaar was placed under the high patronage of Grand Duchess Joséphine-Charlotte and continues under the high patronage of Grand Duchess Maria-Teresa since 2005.

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