Wednesday, December 20, 2017

A Daughter for Archduchess Gabriella

Photo: Swiss Press
Archduchess Gabriella, youngest daughter of Princess Marie-Astrid of Luxembourg and Archduke Carl-Christian of Austria, introduced her baby daughter to the world. Little Victoria Antonia Marie-Astrid Lydia was born on October 30. The father is Prince Henri of Bourbon-Parma, who proposed to Archduchess Gabriella a few days before their daugther was born.
Photo: Swiss Press
Prince Henri is the youngest son and child of Prince Eric of Bourbon-Parma and Countess Lydia of Holstein til Ledreborg, who married in 1980 and divorced in 1999. Countess Lydia of Holstein til Ledreborg is, of course, the second of seven daughters of the late Count Knud of Holstein til Ledreborg and Princess Marie-Gabrielle of Luxembourg, a sister of Grand Duke Jean. This makes Archduchess Gabriella and Prince Henri second cousins as descendants of Grand Duchess Charlotte and Prince Felix. 
Photo: Swiss Press
Archduchess Gabriella is currently living in Geneva with her parents, while Prince Henri is attending university in Copenhagen. Archduchess Gabriella is taking a maternity break and plans to continue her studies in the summer of next year. Baby Victoria is the eighth grandchild of Princess Marie-Astrid and her husband as well as the 12th great-grandchild of Grand Duke Jean. (And I hope I did not forget anyone there!)

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