Thursday, March 22, 2018

More Luxembourgs (and Liechtensteins) in Paris

Turns out there were actually even more Luxembourgs (and Liechtensteins) attending the evening event of the second day of the Grand Ducal Couple's state visit to France than visible in the pictures officially released by the cour... (With a big thanks to everyone who sent in the links!)
All photos: Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images for Cour grand-ducale
Princess Maria-Anunciata of Liechtenstein (right), daughter of Princess Margaretha of Luxembourg, with Benoit Mangin, Marion Laval-Jeantet and the President of Picasso Museum Laurent Le Bon.
From left: The Grand Duke's cousin Prince Robert, Prince Jean, Prince Félix and Prince Josef of Liechtenstein, son of Princess Margaretha.
Another picture of Prince Josef and Princess Anunciata.
Prince Robert, a cousin of the Grand Duke, and his wife Princess Julie.
Also: Prince Jean and his wife Countess Diane of the first night of the state visit.

Check out Getty Images for more visuals of the night, in which you can also spy some wider relatives and long-time family friends of the Grand Ducal Family.

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