Saturday, April 14, 2018

Hereditary Prince Alois On A Visit to Prague

Photo: IKR
Hereditary Prince Alois visited Prague this week for the establishment of the Czech-Liechtenstein Society. The evening reception at the Palais Lobkowicz was hosted by the Principality's ambassador to the Czech Republic Princess Maria-Pia. 

The history of Liechtenstein(ers) and what today is the Czech Republic is a complicated one. As you may recall, the Prince of Liechtenstein as well as 37 other Liechtenstein citizens lost their Czechoslovakian properties partly after the First World War due to a land reform and partly after the end of the Second World War based on the Beneš decrees as they were deemed German because of speaking German. As a result the Principality and the Czech Republic only established diplomatic relations in 2009. Since then relations have improved immensely with a Historical Commission being installed and the Czech-Liechtenstein Society a private initiative, as another step.

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