Monday, April 2, 2018

Prince Hans-Adam Receives Liechtenstein Prize Winners

The Liechtenstein Prize has been awarded for the 27th time in 35 years, this time going to four researchers from different disciplines: Nadine Ortner from the Institute of Pharmacy, Michael Meyer from the Institute of Geology, and Florian Meinert from the Institute for Experimental Physics, all from the University of Innsbruck; and Andreas-Robert Janecke from the Pediatric Department of the Medical University of Innsbruck. As of 2000, the Prize has been bestowed annually, alternating between researchers in Innsbruck and Vaduz.

The 10,000-Euro Prize was distributed in the government building in Vaduz, and a commemorative publication entitled "A Sign of Appreciation and Recognition" was released for the 35th anniversary of the Liechtenstein Prize. Following the ceremony, the four winners, along with other attendees from the event, were received by Prince Hans-Adam at Schloss Vaduz.

Information from Vaterland.

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