Saturday, November 28, 2009

Grand Duchess and Princess Marie-Astrid attend bazaar

Princess Marie-Astrid and her sister-in-law Grand Duchess Maria-Teresa are pictured together at the International Advent Bazaar.

The traditional International Advent Bazaar opened in Kirchberg during the first weekend of Advent. That's this weekend for those who don't celebrate Advent. If you don't know what Advent is and would like to expand your cultural knowledge I direct you here.

By Sunday some 25,000 visitors are expected. The guest of honor on Saturday afternoon was the Grand Duchess Maria Teresa. The Grand Duchess and Princess Marie-Astrid carefully examined the wares being sold at the 60 stalls.

The products are from many different countries and include traditional Christmas food and drink specialties. The Advent bazaar always has a charitable background. This year proceeds will be distributed to 108 projects in 60 countries, the majority of them located in Africa, Latin America and Asia. The main project of 2009 (which receives significant support) is located in the province of Chiang Rai in northern Thailand. The DEPDC (Development of Education Program for Daughters and Communities) is an NGO that provides around the clock assistance and accommodation for girls and boys who are exposed to various negative situations, for example, prostitution or forced labor. Under the direction of Kuhn Sompop Jantraka, winner of the Wallenberg Award in 2008, it also guarantees the enrollment of refugee children from Laos and Myanmar.

Of the 15 projects located in Luxembourg, eleven projects are sponsored by organizations in developing countries, Luxembourg and four charitable projects are located in Luxembourg itself: Asti (support of children of asylum seekers); Fraenhaus, Femmes en détresse (support for female victims of domestic abuse), Association des parents d'élèves d'origine capverdienne, APADOC (support for the Cape Verdean children in the Luxembourg school system), Il était une fois (cross-cultural readings and playful activities for young children).

It is not mentioned in the article but I clearly recognize Princess Marie-Astrid was in attendance with the Grand Duchess. There is a gallery of pictures in the article. It is nice to see my two favorite women attending an event together.

RTL also has a small article but a nice photo gallery of the event. They didn't mention Princess Marie-Astrid by name either. I'm a little disappointed that they clearly recognize that she is "someone" but don't mention her.

Perhaps, Wort and RTL should hire me to write their articles about the Grand Ducal Family since I  can at least recognize all of the members of the family...I'm just saying...

English article. 

Anyone else want a Kinder Surprise Egg after reading about Advent? Maybe that's just me.

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