Saturday, November 21, 2009

More 20th anniversary in Stockholm

Yesterday The Grand Duchess attended the "high level conference" in Sweden that was part of the second day of the 20th anniversary of the UN Convention for the Rights of the Child. I didn't find much information about the actual program of the conference, so I am left to focus on fashion :(

PPE Agency  has a gallery of pictures of both days of the event. Just click on the link and then select "event" in the blue box on the left.  The pics are right on the front page listed as 20-11-2009 Frosundavik and 19-11-2009 Stockholm.

The Grand Duchess looked very well. I'm very glad to see her out and about again. I love that we have saw more of Guillaume since her surgery but I miss seeing my Grand Duchess :( She looked perfectly coiffed, elegant, stylish and as always glowing with friendly genuineness. She was also looking a wee bit tried. I know it was a busy few days and I hope she takes it easy when she gets home.

Guillaume dear, just because we miss our Grand Duchess doesn't mean we want you to return to wherever it is that you hide yourself!!

I did see some people discussing that Crown Princess Mary was looking the most stylish. I respectfully disagree! The simple elegance and class of Crown Princess Victoria was unmatched among the Crown Princesses. She wasn't the only one who looked nice but she always has a lovely glow and perfect class.

Unrelated Note: I changed the translator to Google's ghetto translator because it offers a much larger variety of languages than yahoo's even more ghetto translator. It's in the top left area of the page between the contact info and Luxembourg clock.

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