Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Princess Marie-Astrid to make final voyage

On November 14 The Princess Marie-Astrid will make her final voyage. This is the fifth Princess Marie-Astrid. I  have saw pictures of Princess Marie-Astrid at the launch of this particular ship in 2000. She had her son Archduke Christoph with her. When he wasn't looking bored he was looking pretty cute. I can't seem to locate the pictures now, hmmm, which is odd because I typically bookmark or save pictures of the family. I'll keep looking for them. If you find them just drop them or a link off in my email and I'll post it.

Why am I mentioning the final voyage of this ship you ask? Well, on 3 April 2010 the newest MS Princess Marie-Astrid will enter the water and their will be a celebration and the vessel will be christened on 10 April 2010. Can you guess who will be present at these events? Princess Marie-Astrid, of course. I suspect there might also be additional family members but Princess Marie-Astrid will surely be present to launch the latest vessel to bear her name.

That's pretty advance notice on a future event. I'm sure you've noticed by now that I really like Princess Marie-Astrid and her family.

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