Thursday, January 14, 2010

Guillaume in the Gulf - Dubai and Qatar

Wort finally has an article on the Middle East visit of Guillaume and Luc Frieden. Way to stay up-to-date on things Wort. As usual, I also offer you google's ghetto English version.

Guillaume and his delegation completed their seminar and accompanying business in the UAE and have moved on to Qatar. In Qatar they were greeted with typical honors of visiting dignitaries at the airport and subsequently met with The Emir.

Whilst in the UAE he met with the Crown Prince of Dubai (I covered this in my previous entry) and the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi. While in Abu Dhabi he toured popular cultural and tourist destinations and discussed the economic business at hand with the Crown Prince.

The UAE and Luxembourg have implemented a double taxation prevention scheme which was ratified in 2005. This agreement has increased the non-oil trade between the two nations to 128 million Dirhams ( 44, 630,344 Euro or 64,797,166 USD).

Guillaume and his entourage return to Luxembourg tomorrow. I was going to update with more info about the Qatar portion of the visit but it turns out that there wasn't much info released.

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