Monday, January 11, 2010

Guillaume in the Gulf - updated

Guillaume, accompanied by his beautiful beard, the Minister of Finance and a large delegation representing the finance sector of Luxembourg have arrived in Bahrain.

RTL has some coverage, as does the government website, and there is a press release about the visit from today.

Here are some links to news articles about Guillaume's visit to the Middle East. They are all in English.

Gulf Daily News - this article mentions that the Premier of Bahrain vows to strengthen ties between his nation and Luxembourg. It mentions that he received Guillaume and his delegation. It points out that Guillaume and his delegation were received by the Premier and have already left Bahrain after being seen off at the airport by Shaikh Abulla bin Hamad and other dignitaries.

BNA -this is a press release that states that Luxembourg and Bahrain have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to promote mutual economic, trade and technical cooperation between Lux/Bahrain.

BNA - a press release indicating that Prince Khalifa bin Salman (Prime Minster of Bahrain) received Guillaume and his delegation. He called for active joint agreements and reiterates the vow to strengthen ties between the nations.

BNA - this is a press release that states that Guillaume and his delegation have left Bahrain.

Gulf Daily News - this article (with pic) covers the seminar that was given in Bahrain to promote Luxembourg and strengthen ties between the finance industry of the two nations.

Gulf Daily News - another article (with a different pic) covers the signing of the Memorandum of Mutual Understanding. The goal is to promote the nations, exchange technology and information, and to explore joint projects.

Le Gouvernement - the government of Luxembourg also issued a press release on the Memorandum.

AME - a general article mentioning key points of the visit. Pretty much a reiteration of other articles.

I will post the news about the other portions of the visit when it becomes available.

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