Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Luxembourg Monarchy best bargain

Radio Netherlands Worldwide mentioned that the Luxembourg monarchy is the cheapest.

In my opinion, Luxembourgers not only pay the least but get the best bargain for their Euro. The Grand Ducal Family is, by far, one of the most discreet and respectable royal families in the world. I acknowledge that they aren't perfect. Our princes do have a history of not always getting their brides to the alter before pregnancy occurs (Charles, Jean and Louis), there was that distasteful press conference blackening the good name of Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte, and that little snafu with the euthanasia bill.....

However, the way that our Family dealt with these issues and the fact that they are a real family who enjoy a close relationship with each other speaks volumes about who they really are. You'll never hear that a Luxembourg prince has a child he isn't caring for nor will you ever see one of our princes wearing a nazi emblems as if were humorous. You won't see Guillaume stopping traffic in Paris, London or New York as he makes his way to lunch with a deep security detail. You won't see Alexandra topless at the beach or leaving the keys in a needlessly expensive car while she attends class. There will never be a wee Luxembourg princess wearing an 800 Euro vest. You may see Guillaume and Felix wearing the same clothes repeatedly (worn jeans are common) and you will see the lovely Luxembourg ladies sharing their clothes and jewelry. Those smiles you see on the faces of Luxembourgers when they greet Guillaume, Jean or Henri are genuine. The entire family is positively posh but not overly so. Perhaps the family could give lessons on how to remain royal while also being modest.

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  1. I completely agree with you there. In my opinion, the grand ducal family is one (if not the only)of a few royal families that seem to be just that - a family with good morals and so forth.