Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Guillaume in the Gulf - Dubai - updated

Guillaume and his accompanying delegation have been received in Dubai. The seminar that I mentioned several days ago took place today. It is nearly identical to the seminar that was given in Bahrain.

Luxembourg and the UAE signed a Memorandum of Mutual Understanding (again nearly identical to the one signed yesterday in Bahrain) that is to promote cooperation and industry development which shall include market access, financial regulations and infrastructure, training, and industry development for firms located in The Grand Duchy and the Emirates. The MoU also agrees to promote mutual events, welcome delegations for the two nations and help facilitate relations between universities in Luxembourg and the UAE.
H.E. Ahmed Humaid Al Tayer, Governor of the Dubai International Financial Centre, highlighted similarities between the two nations which he stated included competent and stable political, social and economic sectors.

I'll keep popping around looking for other details of the visit during the day. Thus far, all the articles I've found have been exactly the same word-for-word.

Here are additional articles on the Dubai leg of the visit.

WAM - Guillaume praised the UAE and was received by Sheihk Hamdan

Belga has a couple pics of Guillaume. I'm sure there are dozens of them floating around online but I haven't stumbled on to them. I have to say 28 looks good on Guillaume because he just keeps getting better and better!


  1. Hola yo creo que es una idea maravillosa, pero mi pregunta es Cuando Guillaume príncipe vendrá una PARAGUAY?

  2. Hola desde Paraguay !!!!!
    vienen a Paraguay!!!

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