Monday, April 26, 2010

Belgian Birthday Fun!

Our illustrious Grand Duke and Duchess were on hand to help The Grand Duke's first cousin, The Duc de Brabant, ring in the big 5-0 in a private party on Saturday, April 24th. Along with quite a few of the heir's fellow future heads-of-state and their spouses, The Grand Ducal couple was accompanied by The Grand Duke's brother Prince Guillaume, his wife Princess Sibilla, and two of The Prince and Princess' three adorable young sons. While no official or professional photos have been released of this event, (thank you, Agnete!) has been kind enough to release footage of a number of arriving royal couples (you know, for those of us whose invites were apparently lost in the mail), including a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo of the lovely Lux's making their grand (but of course) entrance to the party grounds.

The Duc de Brabant is the son of King Albert of the Belgians, brother of The Grand Duke's late mother, The Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte (born a Princess of Belgium). The Duc's birthday is actually April 15th, but the party was likely postponed in lieu of the birthday celebrations held last week for Denmark's Queen Margrethe, who was celebrating her 70th birthday. Considering The Duc's birthday falls just a day before the April 16th collective birthday of Her Majesty, The Grand Duke, and The Grand Duke's youngest son Prince Sébastien, I think it's safe to say that April marks the high season for the royal set's official stork. Though it does lead me to wonder: What on earth is so romantic about July...? ;-)

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