Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Octave 2010

The traditional (and traditionally Grand Ducal Family-attended) Octave opens 24 April 2010 and closes 9 May 2010. The Octave features a full host of events. If you are one of those people who only notices the events that members of The Family participate in, I invite you to look over the Order of Service for the Octave 2010. The tourist office has also produced a flyer about the festivities. If you aren't up on the religious practices in Luxembourg or have been curious about the Octave, have a look at this article written by Fausto Gardini for the Luxembourg American Gazette.

Hopefully, Guillaume will manage to attend despite his exhausting schedule of international trips so far this year. Perhaps Felix will even make the journey from Rome (sans girlfriend *cough*), though I don't expect to see the busy Louis, and neither should you. Sébastien might appear just to remind us that he is now taller than poor Guillaume, while the lovely Alexandra usually makes it a priority, Rosary firmly in hand.

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