Sunday, April 4, 2010

Guillaume to lead mission to Saudi Arabia

The Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Jeannot Krecke will lead a trade mission to The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The mission will begin 16 May in Riyadh and end 19 May in Jeddah. The mission is organized with the assistance of Luxembourg for Business, Luxembourg for Finance, the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, and the Ministry of  Economy and Foreign Trade.

There will be a seminar focusing on economy and finance given in Riyadh. In Jeddah there will be a seminar which will  have a multi-sector focus.The program for the EuroMoney conference in Jeddah has been set and features Guillaume.

Saudi Arabia has begun encouraging private development in areas. Some areas of diversification include: power generation, petrochemicals, telecommunications, housing, hospitals, tourism projects and educational facilities.

This visit is hot off the heels of the missions to the Middle East (Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, et al), the United States and the upcoming visit to Russia. It's already been a very busy year for Guillaume, Minister Krecke and the associated Luxembourg organizations.

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