Thursday, April 15, 2010

Guillaume in Russia - Final day

Today marked the final day of Guillaume and Minister Krecké's visit to Russia. During their visit a Memorandum of Mutual Understanding was signed to ensure cooperation and development in various fields. They were accompanied by more than 100 representatives of the Luxembourg financial industry. In addition to participating in the conferences and seminars that were held as part of the visit these professionals worked to develop a network of connections in Russia.

The website of The Grand Ducal Court has been updated with several photographs of the mission. RTL has continued to spread the love for us by updating their gallery with photos from the final day of the visit. Wort summarized the visit and displayed the same photos. News 352 highlighted the signing of the memorandum and the expansion of Gazprom's offices in Luxembourg.

The hardworking Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade has made around a dozen trips trips to Russia in recent years. Guillaume has now visited Russia twice for the same purpose. They have been successful at stirring interest in Luxembourg and creating networking opportunities for Luxembourg based businesses and organizations..........
......................Next stop Saudi Arabia.

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