Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Grand Ducal Couple to attend Danish Celebrations

The Grand Ducal Couple will attend celebrations marking the 70th birthday of The Queen of Denmark, and will be in Denmark on Thursday and Friday. Friday also marks the 55th birthday of The Grand Duke and the 18th birthday of Prince Sébastien.

Claude Neu (press attache) mentioned Their attendance to Wort while also confirming The Grand Duke's attendance at the funeral of Polish President Kaczynski.

The Danish celebrations have already begun. If you follow the Danish royals you can find information and photographs of the events that have already taken place at the Scandinavian Royals and Glittering Royal Events message boards.

I will cover the events that the Grand Ducal Couple participate in. I'm still recovering from a bad case of "Mary overdose" due to Mary-mania a couple years ago. There are numerous sites dedicated to the Danish royals so I'll keep my coverage of the event related to Luxembourg. Where spotted, I'll also be happy to cover information (and photographs) of the Liechtenstein, Habsburg, and Belgian relatives of our Grand Ducal Family.

Happy birthday Queen Margrethe!

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