Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy Birthday!! * updated

Today is the 90th birthday of Grand Duke Jean. He is joined by all of his children and grandchildren to celebration this milestone. A special concert is being held at the Philharmonic in his honor.

Many people have written to ask me if they can watch live coverage of the concert. I have found no indications that live coverage will be available. I have RTL's live stream open and it is just general news.

Tageblatt has pictures of the concert. The grandchildren did NOT look happy to be on stage. And, Archduchess Marie-Christine looks to be pregnant!! I'm pretty sure that isn't a wardrobe malfunction. Congratulations!!

RTL offers new pictures of the concert. The Daylife gallery is very nice.

Photographs are available at Belga, Getty and Daylife and then head straight for RTL. There you will find high quality images without watermarks. They offer the greatest number of images and the quality is far greater than the images that I have seen elsewhere. Belga, to their credit, offers he first photos of the concert. Tom Wagner has started adding pictures. I recommend them.

Wort offers a brief summary of the life of Grand Duke Jean. I have dutifully set the article on translate for you. RTL offers audio and visual clips of important moments in his life. You will also find that Grand Duke Jean will be on the cover of the upcoming issue of Revue. I really dig his style. He rocks the hat, tweed jacket and tie. He reminds me of my own grandfather.

I'll keep you updated on the developements in the picture/video area.

I hope everyone doesn't abandon Felix at one time. I'm already getting messages with requests for more Constantin and Josef. I'm glad everyone else has finally noticed the other princes. Just don't underestimate Alexander, Christoph, and Wenceslas. The girls are all just beautiful. Carl, my dear, I prefer your crazy curls. Please, never slick your hair back like this again. ;)

Thanks to everyone that sent pictures, links and updates! Sometime after all the final galleries are posted I'll organize everything properly.


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  2. i still love felix. the other boys are cute, but felix is felix...what else can you say??