Friday, January 7, 2011

Team Leopard Trek

Prince Félix attended the official presentation of Team Leopard-Trek. The Luxembourg based international cycling team is the new home of Andy and Franck Schleck. All of Luxembourg must be suffering from cycling overdose. The past few weeks have been full of hype and news about the team. 

There is, in fact, so much news about the team that I haven't the heart to translate or summarize it. I will happily provide links to the articles. Cycling News has many articles on the new team and its creation. Wort summarizes the press conference and provides a photo of Prince Félix. RTL provides numerous video and photo galleries. I encourage you to visit their website and explore. Tageblatt provides another summary of the event and includes a short photo gallery (3 Félix pics).

The articles are set to translate as soon as you click he link. Thanks Fleur!

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