Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Updated biographies...

The official website of the Cour Grand-Ducale has updated the biography sections.

The section on The Hereditary Grand Duke is now better organized. His latest educational achievements are finally included! He completed his bachelor degree with honors in 3 disciplines. Commendable, indeed. Nothing else really new...

Prince Félix is now listed as working toward His bachelor degree in bioethics. Previously, the website stated He was undertaking a master degree. If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know that I have often questioned how this was possible. The university admission policies state that anyone without the appropriate prerequisite courses in philosophy and theology (from an approved school) could only be admitted to the bachelor program, even if the candidate was in possession of a MD. The website states that The Prince is interested in the ethics of biotechnology. It is noted that He is "very sensitive" to metaphysical and anthropological issues. Sounds like He has a keen interest in different societies and the components of their makeups and perhaps in the way individuals adapt to religious matters in society. Just maybe. :D

Prince Louis' section was heavily updated. The Prince is perusing a degree in Aeronautics and Aeronautical Management at Florida Institute of Technology (old news here). The Prince is now the patron of the Martial Arts Federation.

NOW...let me take a brief moment to state my feelings on a particular subject.

As a woman, I am extremely offended and annoyed that Princess Tessy is only noted for matters of amour and reproduction, in spite of remarkable notes that have made Her who She is as an individual, as opposed to Louis' "right-hand man." Apparently, Tessy's only achievements in life have been: meeting Louis, bearing Louis' children, and marrying Louis. Monseigneur Maréchalat de la Cour, your staff couldn't string together 2 sentences mentioning a single individual merit of The Princess?? I am very disappointed.

I sincerely hope that Princess Tessy isn't okay with being treated as a brainless-illiterate-deaf-mute appendage of Her husband. I am not okay with it. I think everyone knows that I have never been a huge fan of Princess Tessy. I regularly drink the haterade where Tessy is concerned. However, I think I have just decided to become captain of Team Tessy. It is just offensive that a woman with unique qualities is consistently only mentioned as "wife of" and "mother of," regardless of claim-to-semi-fame. Respect is respect, and gone are the days when a woman was only as good as the ring on her finger.

(Special mention to Mlle. Lily Blossom for the occasional note of linguistic prowess. ;-)

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