Thursday, April 3, 2014

Friday Flashback (on a Thursday): An Emperor, an Empress, a Grand Duchess and a Prince

Photo: Museum Kornhaus, Rorschach
(From right of left) Grand Duchess Charlotte and her then fiance Prince Felix of Bourbon-Parma together with his sister, Empress Zita, and Blessed Emperor Karl of Austria during a visit to Schloss Wartegg in the spring of 1919. The castle on the Swiss side of Lake Constance was owned by the Bourbon-Parma family between 1860 and 1924. It was where the exiled Austrian imperial family spent part of the year 1919 before moving - or rather being moved by the Swiss government - to Pragins near Lake Geneva further away from the Swiss-Austrian border on May 20 of the same year after arriving in Wartegg on March 23. At the time, Schloss Wartegg was the home of Duchess Maria-Antonia of Bourbon-Parma, mother of Empress Zita and Prince Felix, and also inhabited by Prince Felix, who was barred by the allies to travel to Luxembourg, as well as his siblings Princess Isabella, Prince René, Prince Louis and Prince Gaetano.

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