Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Luxarazzi 101: Grand Duchess Maria-Ana's Pearl and Diamond Pin

Photos: Getty Images
With the grand ducal family having nothing on their agenda and the Principality otherwise occupied, it's probably going to be a rather quiet week and so, inspired by a post by the lovely Ella over at The Court Jeweller, we are going to have a look at another piece of jewellery owned by the Grand Ducal Family that has been in the family since at least 1921 when Grand Duchess Maria-Ana wore it for the wedding of her fourth daughter Princess Antonia to Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria.

Photo: Edouard Kutter
Said piece of jewellery worn by Grand Duchess Maria-Ana at the wedding consists of two large natural pearls which are attached to a string of diamond elements each. The right string has one more connecting diamond element and is thus a little longer. The two strings are held together by a small bow set with another few small diamonds. 

Presumably also in the early 1920's during a formal photo sitting with the court photographer of the time, Edouard Kutter, Grand Duchess Charlotte made good use of the pin by attaching it to a small necklace thus creating a sautoir-like effect. 

While the team of Luxarazzi hasn't yet spied the pearl and diamond pin on any pictures of the decades that followed, it has been worn by Grand Duchess Maria-Teresa a few times during the past few years. In 2006, the Grand Duchess adorned her dress for the 60th birthday dinner of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden with the pin and few years later, in 2010 to be exact, she wore it on national day to add a bit of sparkle to her daytime outfit.

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