Monday, December 8, 2014

Grand Duke Henri in Monaco

Photo: Reuters
On Sunday and Monday, Grand Duke Henri was in Monaco for the 127th session of the IOC. The session made some important changes to the process of bidding to host the Olympics, as well as how Olympic activities are placed. For instance, the cost of bidding for hosting privileges will now be reduced, and the IOC will assist in providing funds to hosting cities.

Additionally, the option remains open for multiple cities to host events, with even the possibility of multiple countries hosting separate events. Some members of the IOC, however, pointed out the cost burden this could place on those participating and attending the Olympic Games. Others noted that these changes could undermine the greater spirit of unity that drives the experience of being part of the Olympics. The changes were passed unanimously, but with the reservations of different members noted for future implementation.

The 127th session of the IOC continues through Tuesday.

Update: It appears that Princess Nora was there as well!

Photo: Getty

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