Saturday, December 20, 2014

Princess Tessy at 2014 Chiefs of Transformation Conference

Photo: Petty Officer Stephen Oleksiak
Princess Tessy was among the more than 300 military and civilian leaders from all 28 NATO nations and partner nations to attend the 2014 Chiefs of Transformation Conference (COTC) at the Waterside Marriott Hotel in Norfolk, Virginia, from Tuesday to Thursday this week. Previously the princess had already visited Headquarters, Supreme Allied Command Transformation (HQ SACT) and the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

About her attendance at the conference Princess Tessy said, "For me as an academic, I've learned a lot of what Transformation is and especially ACT. I've met some truly wonderful and inspiring people who all in own rights love their nation and really want to move forward to create a sustainable peace, togetherness and cooperation within one world. For me it was a beautiful experience..."

"...It was incredible to see how each person communicated, exchanged ideas, worked together, created new plans," she continued. "It was really an enjoyable moment to be in the middle of them and listen and see Transformation happening in front of my eyes."

More information and pictures on the website of the NATO.

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