Monday, July 20, 2015

The Luxarazzi Tiara Race (8): Nassau Floral Tiara vs. Joan's Diamond Tiara

Small but beautiful: In what I think was the closest tiara match yet, the rather small Emerald Peacock Tiara took home the win over the massive Bavarian Ruby and Spinel Tiara with 52.66 percent or 257 vs. 231 votes. It seems that not everyone prefers to live by 'Go big or go home' though admittedly I can understand those who think that a tiara bigger than the head is just a little to big.
Up against each other today are two rather similar pieces: The Nassau Floral Tiara, worn by Archduchess Adelaide on the left and a favourite piece of Princess Alexandra, and Princess Joan's diamond tiara worn by her daughter, Princess Charlotte, on the right above. Charlotte is a cousin of Grand Duke Henri and Joan the wife of the late Prince Charles. (A little more about them in our 101 about their son and brother, the occassionally featured Prince Robert.) More info on both tiaras in our post about the Grand Ducal Tiara Collection.

Remember, this is a three tiara match week, so voting closes on Wednesday night, Lux time.

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