Friday, June 17, 2016

Grand Duke Henri Gives Out the Order of Adolphe of Nassau

Photo: ©2016 /Didier Sylvestre/ Cour grand-ducale/tous droits réservés
On Friday, Grand Duke Henri gave out the Order of Civil and Military Merit of Adolphe of Nassau to members of the Luxembourg Army. The recipients reflect 2016 Promotions within the Army and were given to the following individuals: Adjudant-chef Thierry Dondlinger, Adjudant-Major Carlo Michels, Lieutenant-Colonel Alain Schoeben, Général Romain Mancinelli, Colonel Yves Calmes, Lieutenant-Colonel Joël Faltz, Lieutenant-Colonel Tania Weinzaepfel, Adjudant-chef Joé Hutmacher. (These individuals are shown in the same order, in uniform, above.)

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