Friday, June 16, 2017

Luxembourg and the First World War

Guy Jallay
The Grand Duke and the Hereditary Grand Duke visited the popular exhibit Lëtzebuerg an de Eischte Weltkrich (Luxembourg and the First World War). The exhibition features many photographs, artifacts, weapons and stories from the war. 

Luxembourg was occupied from August 1914 until the war ended in November 1918. The Grand Ducal Family faced much criticism during and immediately after the War. Grand Duchess Marie-Adelaide was erroneously viewed as pro-German and shortly before the end of the War her sister, Princess Antonia, announced her engagement to Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria. Shortly after the war Luxembourg held a referendum on the future of the monarchy and Grand Duchess Marie-Adelaide would abdicate in favor of her sister Charlotte. 

After vising the exhibit Henri traveled to Differdange to attend the 25th anniversary celebrations of Ënnerdaach a.s.b.l. Guillaume and his Stephanie were also in Differdange attending the 40th anniversary of the Kräizbierg Foundation.

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