Friday, September 14, 2018

New Photos of Gabriel, Noah, Amalia and Liam Released

The cour grand-ducale has shared several new pictures of the Grand Duke's and Grand Duchess' grandchildren today in addition to the new picture released of the grand-ducal couple with their children and daughters-in-law earlier in the week.
The new pictures of Princes Gabriel and Noah, sons of Prince Louis and not-yet-former wife Tessy, as well as Princess Amalia and Prince Liam, children of Prince Félix and Princess Claire, were taken in the gardens of Château de Berg much like the photo that was released earlier in the week.
While all pictures were taken by Lola Velasco, it looks like they may date from different times. The photos of Amalia and Liam look like they were taken rather recently. The visuals of Gabriel and Noah, however, may be a bit older as the boys seem to be wearing the same clothes as in another picture released last year when pictured together with their father.

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