Friday, September 18, 2009

More on the Papal vid

I typically get more updates the day after events due to my crafty use of news alerts. Tonight my inbox was overfilling with articles about the visit to the Pope. Most were the same articles that I have linked over the past few days but I add the video now.

I found this page to be particularly interesting because it included a video of Henri, Guillaume, their Aid-de-camp, and various religious dignitaries being greeted by The Pope. I am a native English speaker and even I found the women who narrates the video to be speaking very fast. If you can't understand what she's saying don't think that your English is poor. The video is also on the Vatican's youtube channel. Who knew the Vatican had a youtube channel? Not I. I shall search it momentarily for additional royal audience vidoes...have no fear.

Mad Monarchist linked the same video but I find his blog to be interesting and royal related so I'm linking it anyway. 

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