Friday, June 11, 2010

The Grand Duke in Croatia *

The Grand Duke made an official visit to The Republic of Croatia at the invitation of Croatian President Ivo Josipovic. The Grand Duke was accompanied by his Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Jean Asselborn. A business delegation from Luxembourg joined the pair.

The morning was taken up with the usual reviewing the honor guard, national anthems, exchanging gifts and private audience. Following the delegation's meeting with President Josipovic, The Grand Duke met with Prime Minster Jadranka Kosor and Parlimentary Speaker Luka Bebic. Prime Minister Kosor thanked The Grand Duke for Luxembourg's support of Croatia joining NATO and their bid to join the EU. The Grand Duke also commended Croatia's efforts in border arbitration with Slovenia. Prime Minister Kosor also invited tourist from Luxembourg to visit the Adriatic coast of Croatia. I agree with the PM. The Adriatic coast in Croatia is spectacular.

Minister Asselborn met with his Croatian counterpart. They discussed bilateral ties and current European and International policy.

The Grand Duke was given a tour of the beautiful historic area of Zagreb. The visit concluded with a gala dinner. Sadly, The Grand Duchess was not on hand to provide any glitter. The Grand Duke, for his part, was the picture of regal dignity. Madame Kosor was also very stately.

RTL has coverage of the visit that showcases new photographs and a short video which features part of The Grand Duke's speech.

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