Tuesday, June 22, 2010

National Day!

National Day celebrations are beginning! RTL typically offers a live stream of the Te Deum. When that link becomes available I will provide it. A PDF schedule of the concerts and activities in Luxembourg City is available. I have listed the location and time of the arrival of members of The Family. The government has also provided a brief schedule of some events. Wort has a little article with some history of National Day and the continued importance of it. The army and police have had their final rehearsal for the parade and all the arrangements have been made.

My friends and I are making bets on whether Guillaume will wear his beard or shave. Will he or won't he? I say he will. HGDss says he won't. You?

Prince Sébastien turned 18 on April 16th. At this time he received his insignia in The Order of the Gold Lion of the House of Nassau and The Order of Civil and Military Merit of Adolph of Nassau. There is likely to be some mention of this.

I have deleted the long schedule of events that I had previously posted.


  1. He's gonna keep it =)
    I love seeing his face without beard but if he thought to shave it he would do that before Victoria wedding;)!

  2. NooOoOo He's gotta shave it! It's really the only time we get to see his whole face without hair!!!

  3. tres bonne fete nationale de Diekirch ;O)

  4. He kept The Beard =))

  5. I'm totally holding out hope that he'll satisfy all of us and go beard free tomorrow. I know, pigs are flying when I ask for beardless Gui. I've become accustomed to seeing beardless his face once a year. :))