Wednesday, June 23, 2010

National Day pt 3 *******

RTL Live Stream of National Day will re-air at 7pm Luxembourg time. There is a brief but interesting program between the Te Deum and the Parade. It features old footage of The Family.

The National Day gala is tonight. I hope that we see 3 sets of glittering jewels in the pictures! There should also be a garden party at Chateau de Berg within the next few days.

A big double sided kiss on the cheeks to Premier Minster Juncker for being the only person to publicly Vive le Grand-Duc Jean! Happy Un-Birthday Henri.

Guillaume has not appeared to be a very happy camper today. I imagine the event is very stressful for him and his recent schedule of duties has been exhaustingly packed. I really enjoyed his attempts to clap on his leg then the arm of the chair at the closing of the parade. :) Guillaume, Sebastien and Tessy all looked tired (I noticed all that yawning :)). I hope they all get a nap before the gala. Guillaume you need an extra week at Cabasson! Take Minister Krecké with you...he also needs a rest.

I managed to get a few screen captures from the live feed during the Te Deum. I'll try capture more off of the video that OPM recorded. GuiGui looked fantastic in his beard with the green. His beard was definitely made for uniforms. As everyone who knows me knows, I am not really a huge Tessy fan. However, I have to say that conversion is underway. Tessy looked better than ever! I dare say that black dress and that nest of sticks she wore in her hair are to her what Guillaume's beard is for the uniform. Tessy, you looked great! As I said at the Military Tattoo, darker hair is definitely better for you.

Prince Sébastien wears the Ordre du Lion d'Or de la Maison de Nassau in public for the first time. He received the right to wear the order on 16 April 2010 (his 18th birthday). He is wearing the miniature version of the order on his lapel.

For wonderful photographs, view these National Day related galleries.


  1. Enjoy your blog a lot.

    Was Princess Marie-Astrid there? She's long been one of my favorite princesses.

  2. Princess Marie-Astrid is also one of my favorite princesses.

    I do not believe that she was there. It is entirely possible that she was in Luxembourg for the holiday, but I didn't see her mentioned in any of the news coverage.