Sunday, April 15, 2012

About Holidays, Partners In Crime and More

RTL has a short report about the grand ducal couple's, Princess Alexandra's and Prince Sebastien's recent visit to Cuba.

The last blog entry about Archduke Alexander and Prince Wenceslas participating in the Sovereign's Parade has now been updated with a gallery of visuals.

Meanwhile, a few new pictures of Alex's brother Archduke Imre and his fiancée Kathleen Walker taken in the D.C. area have become available.

Tomorrow not only the Grand Duke celebrates his 57th birthday, his youngest son Sebastian will also turn 20. To mark his birthday, the cour released a statement containing something like an interview with the prince. In case you weren't aware yet, after finishing school last year, Sebastien is now studying marketing and communication at an US-American university. He describes his relationship with his parents and siblings as good though as the youngest of the family, he grew up very protected. Seb says that he sees his oldest brother Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume as an example and that, despite their a little more than ten years age difference, they are partners in crime. Gui does seem to have a lot of accomplices...


  1. I was surprised that the Washington, D.C. photographer stated that he would be taking their wedding pictures.  Does this mean they are getting married there?

  2. All of us Luxaholics suspect that they will wed in Belgium or Luxembourg. It is unlikely that Queen Fabiola and Grand Duke Jean would be able to make the journey to the US for the wedding. 

  3. I noticed that the interview with Sebastien is not opening. Has it been removed?

  4. What happen to the link which has the interview of Prince Sebastien?

  5. That was weird but I fixed it ;)