Friday, April 27, 2012

Future Grand Duchess Meets High Dignitaries *

At 11:30 this morning a reception was held at the palais grand-ducal during the course of which Luxembourg's future grand duchess Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy met with high dignitaries of the country. Invited were president of the chamber Laurent Mosar, the members of the bureau of the chamber, prime minister Jean-Claude Juncker accompanied by the whole government, the state council, the German ambassador Hubertus von Morr as the dean of the diplomatic corps, the Belgian ambassador Luc Teirlinck as well as the apostolic nuncio Giacinto Berloco and archbishop Jean-Claude Hollerich. Further invitees were the president of the surpreme court, the attorney general, the major of Luxembourg City Xavier Bettel, the head of the army Gaston Reinig and the head of the police forces Romain Nettgen.

Of course Stephanie herself, her future husband the Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and her future parents-in-law the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess were present at the palais.

Stephanie is wearing a white and beigge outfit and red accessories, which leads me to think that she is having a ruby engagement ring like Grand Duchess Maria Teresa and Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte before her. She looks very lovely, as does the Grand Duchess!! First pictures can be found over at RTL and Wort.

More pictures can be found at Revue, Belga, Getty Images, PPE, Royal Press Europe, Tageblatt, L'essentiel and Eldoradio.

A video of the photocall and one of the reception are available at RTL, and another one from the daily news.

Before the official press meeting at 15:30 this afternoon, the grand ducal family and the Lannoy family will have a luncheon at the Château de Berg.

Source: Wort, RTL


  1. I am sorry, but she is not looking lovely at all. Nor is she pretty or photogenic. But that is not her fault. But she needs to learn how wear make-up, do her hair, and wear her clothes. She does not look pretty at all today. Make up is wrong, hair-do is totally inappropriate for a morning reception and the skirt and blouse look to be larger than necessary. Her mother in law looks stunning and she has a lot to learn from her! All other European Princesses look stunning and make the best of their best assets. She looks old, the Grand-Duchess looks much younger and fresher.

  2. I think she looks just fine. She will learn and the Grand Duchess will help. This is a young couple, we should be happy they are happy. Attractiveness and makeup has nothing to do with it.

  3. I agree with megknight. I would much rather prefer a Hereditary Grand Duchess who is concerned about her people than the clothes she puts on. To be honest, I find her clothing to be fine and modest.

    As for her looks, she is beautiful. And I like the fact that she prefers her natural beauty to be seen with minimal make up as opposed to Holywood standards of make up.

  4. Stephanie may not be supermodel gorgeous, but she is lovely. Best of all, she makes Guillaume happy!