Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Cuban Journey

Grand Duke Henri, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, Princess Alexandra and Prince Sebastian used the easter break to visit the Grand Duchess' native land Cuba. While the grand ducal couple stayed for two weeks, Alexandra and Sebastien went over to Carribean island for one week.

Grand Duchess Maria Teresa was born in Havanna, Cuba in 1956, but left the country only three years later at the time of the revolution. Her family settled firstly in New York City, before moving to Santander, Spain and finally to Geneva in Switzerland, the city where she met her future husband. It was only the second time that Maria Teresa visited the country since she left it as a child in 1959, the first time was about ten years ago when she visited Cuba together with her sister Catalina, one of her nieces and two of her sons, Felix and Louis.

Apart from sights like the Cementerio de Cristóbal Colón or the Iglesia de San Juan Bautista in Remedios, the family also visited the houses of the Grand Duchess' parents and grandparents.

Lovely pictures can be found over on the website of Tageblatt, more are are available on the website of Revue and on the website of Wort.

Source: Tageblatt

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