Wednesday, August 15, 2012

National Day in Liechtenstein *

Today the population of the world’s sixth smallest country is on holiday cause it is Liechtenstein's National Day! The princely family came out in quite a force to celebrate it, among them the Grand Duke's sister Princess Margaretha and her husband Prince Nikolaus, who is the brother of Prince Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein. The two were accompanied by their son Prince Josef; great to see him out and about at official events every once in a while.

The National Day is celebrated in the country's capital Vaduz and starts with a few addresses by Hereditary Prince Alois, who has been his father's regent for a while, and some other important persons.
Afterwards, the princely family, the politicans and the straggling masses make their way from a meadow, where the speeches were held, to the castle gardens; national day is the only day of the year that the gardens are open to the public. In the rose garden, everyone gets free drinks and the chance to hobnob with the princely family.
When the official celebration are over, the national day continues with a big fair and fireworks in the evening.

Pictures are available at PPE, Vaterland and Volksblatt. There are very few photos of only the couple and their youngest, though a couple of times you can spot them behind the main protagonists a.k.a. the Prince and his immediate family. A video, in which you can catch a glimpse of Princess Margaretha, Prince Nikolaus and Prince Josef can be found here (at 0:37 and 2:19) and here (at 0:13 and 3:35).

Source: Volksblatt

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