Monday, August 27, 2012

The Mother of Countess Stéphanie Passed Away

Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy's mother, Countess Alix, passed away on Sunday following a stroke.

The former Alix della Faille de Leverghem was born on September 20, 1941 in Louvain as the daughter of Baron Harold della Faille de Leverghem and Madeleine de Brouchoven de Bergeyck. She married Count Philippe de Lannoy on July 15, 1965. Together they had 8 children. Their eldest child was born in 1966 and their youngest, Countess Stéphanie, in 1984. Countess Alix was a devoted wife, mother, grandmother and woman of faith.

In April of this year their youngest daughter announced her engagement to The Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg. The couple will marry in October. The unfortunate loss of Countess Alix is not expected to alter plans for the royal wedding.

The Cour Grand-Ducale issued a statement this morning expressing their deepest sympathy to the de Lannoy family. Together with our readers, we join with the Cour in expressing our heartfelt sympathy to Count Philippe, Countess Stéphanie and their family.

Sources: Wort, RTL, CGD

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  1. Terribly sad news for the bride, her family and the Grand Ducal Court as well. I can't imagine the shock, stress and sadness they are all experiencing right now.