Friday, August 31, 2012

The Last Goodbye

Today the funeral of Countess Alix de Lannoy, mother of Countess Stéphanie, was held in Frasnes-lez-Anvaing, part of the Belgian province of Hainaut. Among the guests were Countess Stéphanie's fiancé The Hereditary Grand Duke, his parents The Grand Duke and The Grand Duchess his uncle Prince Guillaume, as well as Prince Félix, Prince Louis and Princess Tessy. Princess Marie-Astrid together with her husband Archduke Carl-Christian and his mother along with Princess Alix, sister of Grand Duke Jean, were among the Belgium based members the Grand Ducal Family to pay their respects to the late Countess. Queen Fabiola of Belgium and the Duchess of Brabant (also known as Princess Mathilde) were also among the mourners.

PPE has a gallery of pictures as do L'avenir, Wort, Tageblatt, Royal Press Europe, Royal portraits and Sudpresse. A videos of some of the guests arriving and departing are available here and here.

May she rest in peace.

Source: Wort

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