Thursday, August 9, 2012

Olympics Round-Up

Time just flies sometimes: hard to believe but the Olympic Games are almost over, so it's time for an event round-up of what the members of the Grand Ducal Family been up to during the last (almost) two weeks in London.

Of course there was the opening ceremony and the first day of competition, which were already covered in an earlier post. (In case you missed have a look here.) Though the family missed one and an almost member on the very first day, luckily they were soon joined by the missing ones: Prince Sébastien and Prince Guillaume's fiancée Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy.

During the first week of competition, the family attended various events in various combination to cheer on the nine Luxembourgish athletes: Jeff Henckels participated in the archery, Laurent Didier and Christine Majerus in the road cycling, Marie Muller came in 5th Women's -52 judo competition, Carole Calmes competed in shooting, Ni Xia Lian in the women's table tennis and tennis player Gilles Muller unfortunately lost relatively early in the competition, while swimmer Laurent Carnol was the first swimmer from the Grand Duchy to reach the semi-finals though Raphael Stacchiotti sadly missed it by a margin.

For pictures of the family at all kinds of events have a look at the following links.

Roland Miny Pressphoto
Wort #1 
Wort #2
Wort #3
RTL - Day 3
Pure People #1
Pure People #2
Cour Grand-Ducale

As its hardly missable in the pictures, they seemed to have an awesome lot of fun.

On Monday the 30th of July, Grand Duke Henri, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume, Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy, Prince Félix, Prince Louis, Princess Tessy, Princess Alexandra and Prince Sébastien were invited to a reception hosted by BGL BNP Paribas. BGL is a bank and the major sponsor of the Luxembourgish Olympic Team, pictures can be found over at Wort. I also spied Marc Cunningham, the husband of Grand Duke Henri's cousin Princess Charlotte, among the guests.

After the competition for the Luxembourgish team was over, Grand Duke Henri, Prince Félix, Prince Louis and Princess Tessy, as well as Princess Alexandra and Prince Sébastien visited the athletes in the Olympic village; HGD Guillaume and his fiancée joined the later on. A galleries of visuals of the visit is available at Wort and RTL.

While in London Prince Felix gave an interview to Tageblatt and the Grand Duke answered Wort's questions.
A video of the family watching the third day of the Olympics including an interview with the Grand Duke is available at RTL (starting at 3:44 and 8:46). You can also catch short glimpses of the family cheering in this video.

And by the way... Sometimes royals have just the same problems as us mere mortals.

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