Wednesday, August 28, 2013

About American Visitors, Weddings and More

From August 24 to 27, American congressional staff visited Liechtenstein to get to know the country and to talk finances and trade. Among other things, the three republican and two democratic congress workers were invited for an audience with the Hereditary Prince at Schloss Vaduz.

Today Hereditary Prince Alois welcomed Liechtenstein's Worldskills team at the Schloss.

Photo: Romina Amato/Reuters
Meanwhile, the LGT Group, the banking and asset management group owned by the Princely Family, has published its half-year report. While not everything looks rosy, Prince Max, the CEO, is happy with the outcome or as he phrases it, "We are satisfied with the business trend in the first half of 2013. Crucially, we were able to reinforce the performance achieved in our core Private Banking and Asset Management businesses in 2012 and make further headway. We are particularly pleased that we are very attractive to clients – and to qualified relationship managers, too – and enjoy considerable trust, as the sustained strong inflows in all regions show. We are very optimistic about the future. We also see good opportunities for growth in Europe, particularly if the issues with regard to future cross-border regulatory standards can be resolved. This will create legal certainty for all market participants."

In a bit of advance news, it seems likely that some of the rarely seen members of the Princely Family, namely Prince Rudolf and Princess Tılsım, will attend the wedding of Prince Muhammad Ali of Egypt, oldest son of the last King of Egypt Fuad II, and Princess Noal Zaher, granddaughter of the late King Zaher Shah of Afghanistan. It seems that the bridal couple met last year at the wedding of the youngest son of Prince Philipp and his Turkish-born wife. Prince Muhammad Ali and Princess Noal will tie the knot on Friday in Istanbul. It remains to be seen whether the Liechtenstein guests will be recognised by the photographers as Prince Rudolf has always flown under the radar, even more than the rest of his family.

Source: IKR, LGT Group, Hola

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