Sunday, August 18, 2013

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Photo: Liechtensteiner Vaterland /
A few days ago was Liechtenstein's national day and as there weren't a whole lot of links to pictures and videos available at first, here are a few more of the act of state, party in the rose gardens of the castle, as well as the public festival with 35,000 visitors held in Vaduz. Members of the Princely Family, sometimes rather incognito (Hi there, Georg and Nikolaus in the third picture above!), can be seen giving interviews, taking pictures and generally mingling with the crowds during the public celebration held during the afternoon and evening hours. In the evening there are also the mountain top fires and fireworks.

Vaterland has pictures of the state ceremony and Apéro as well as the fair and fireworks. While Volksblatt has a joined gallery of all the events, Seeger Press offers pictures of the morning celebrations. Vorarlberg Online also has a gallery of visuals. The most pictures can be found at Exclusiv, they have galleries of the state ceremony, the walk from and to the castle, the party in the rose gardens, the Prince and his regent posing in front of the castle, the Family (and politicians) giving interviews, the fair in Vaduz, the illuminated town and the fireworks.
Photos: Exclusiv
Swiss SRF has a short report about the state ceremony on the castle meadow including an interview with Prince Hans-Adam II, as does Austrian ORF including interviews with the Prince and the Hereditary Prince. 1 FL TV used to have two videos including interviews with the Hereditary Prince and the Princess of the state ceremony and the subsequent party in the rose gardens but for some reason they were removed from their website. Links will follow in case they are uploaded again. Until then, check out their news programme which includes the highlights of the day and an interview with Hereditary Prince Alois, as well as a two part programme about the state ceremony. In addition they have a long interview video including statements by Prince Hans-Adam (at the beginning), Princess Maria-Pia (at 3:48, 10:50 and 19:46), Hereditary Princess Sophie (at 6:12 and 21:46) and Prince Wenzel (at 9:22 and 24:58). Towards the end of this video, you can see members of the Family mingling with the people at the fair.

A transcript of the speech of the Hereditary Prince is available on the website of the IKR, while an audio of the entire thing can be found at Radio Liechtenstein.

On a national day-related note, the Vaterland Magazin including a long interview with Hereditary Prince Alois is now available online. In the interview he talks about many topics related to the current situation of the Principality and its future. Probably most interesting for all interested in the Princely Family the Hereditary Prince tells that his oldest son, Prince Joseph Wenzel, who turned 18 earlier this year, will take a more active role in the future and accompany him to political meetings whenever time allows (as Wenzel is still in school).

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