Thursday, August 8, 2013

Prince of Liechtenstein Gives Interview

Ahead of Liechtenstein's National Day which will take place of August 15 (Come back on the weekend to learn more about it!), Prince Hans-Adam II has given an interview to the Liechtensteiner Volksblatt, one of the country's major newspapers. 

In the interview, the Prince talks about the outcome of the elections earlier this year (the addition of a fourth party to the parliament has made work more difficult but also more lively), the non-sell-off of Telecom Liechtenstein (it was a mistake of the parliament to vote against a sale of the telecom operator to Swisscom despite the wish of the government to do so as he believes privatisation to be the better way) and the introduction of an automatic information exchange with other countries regarding banking information (it will be less work for Liechtenstein's banks as they won't need to check anymore whether foreign clients have paid their taxes but instead the home countries of the clients will need to do so themselves in the future).

Source: Volksblatt

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