Thursday, October 10, 2013

Interview with the Hereditary Prince

Man, those Liechtenstein's give a lot of interviews... While everyone is still waiting for that promised interview of Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie to be published sometime this fall, Hereditary Prince Alois has sat down with the Austrian newspaper Wiener Zeitung to talk all kinds of financial topics related to the Principality. 

The Hereditary Prince says that the country is still happy with the Swiss franc and that a change to the Euro is out of question as a termination of the currency treaty with Switzerland won't find a majority. The same goes for a possible entry into the European Union by Liechtenstein as that would mean a termination of the costums treaty with Switzerland which also isn't supported by the country's majority. For the whole interview, please have a look at the Wiener Zeitung, originally in German but dutifully set on (ghetto-) English by me for you.

Source: Wiener Zeitung


  1. Which interview have they promised? Wow, Im cheered up! never heard of it. When did they say they would release it? what´s it on?

  2. At the time when RTL aired that special report about Stéphanie's first national day, they apparently asked for an interview but the court said no stating that there would be one later this year. I always thought that it would be shown around their first wedding anniversary but I haven't heard anything yet. The weekend of their anniversary is actually election day in Luxembourg so that might've changed the schedule a little.