Friday, October 25, 2013

Running Against AIDS *

Photo: Lycée classique de Diekrich
Today about 2,700 students of the Grand Duchy participated in a charity run to raise funds for HIV/AIDS research as well as the AIDS counselling of the Luxembourgish Red Cross. The 20th edition of the event was organised by the Lycée classique de Diekrich and took place during the course of the whole day at the Mersch campus of the secondary school. Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, who has been committed to the fight against AIDS for many years now, as well as her grandsons Prince Gabriel and Prince Noah visited the running students this morning. Judging from the pictures -- Check them out at L'essentiel in German, on the website of the cour grand-ducale and on the website of the Lycée classique de Diekrich -- it looks as if, at least, Noah also ran a few rounds to raise money for a good cause. RTL has a video of the event.

Source: L'essentiel

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