Monday, October 7, 2013

Musical Competition in Liechtenstein

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Already on September 28 and wholly unnoticed by the press it seems, the Internationaler Rheinberger Wettbewerb für Orgel -- Is it me or is that a little bit of weird German right there?! Anyhoo, it's International Rheinberger Organ Competition for you non-German speakers. -- took place in Vaduz and Hereditary Princess Sophie was on hand to hand out the prizes. 

Josef Gabriel Rheinberger was a Liechtenstein-born organist and composer who was appointed court conductor of King Ludwig II of Bavaria in 1877, so who better to be the patron of the week-long event than Liechtenstein's very own Bavarian duchess. The competition ended with a concert at the St. Florin cathedral in Vaduz followed by a reception and award ceremony attended by the Hereditary Princess on Saturday last week.

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