Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Today and in the Days to Come

Photo: Information und Kommuni-
kation der Regierung, Vaduz
Today, the minister-president of the German state of Thuringia, Christine Lieberknecht, was on a visit to Liechtenstein. Among a bunch of other things, she and her husband were received for an audience by Hereditary Prince Alois and the trio happily posed for a picture. In addition, another one can be found at Vaterland. Also check out 1 FL TV for a video.

Meanwhile, Grand Duke Henri has decided to appoint Georges Ravarani, the President of the Administrative Court, as the informateur. As explained previously, it will be the role of the informateur to find enough common ground between different parties to form a coalition. He will soon report back to the Grand Duke so that the head of state can mandante a formateur, one of the party leaders, to form a government. The last time an informateur was appointed was in 1974 which coincides with the last and only time in the post-war period that the CSV did not become a part of the coalition government. Even though the CSV holds 23 of the newly elected 60 seats of the parliament, it seems much more likely that the DP and LSAP with 13 seats each as well as the Greens (six seats) will form the new government.

In less serious and thus much more uplifting news, mark you calendar as there is a dose of cuteness coming up! Prince Gabriel and Prince Noah, the sons of Prince Louis and Princess Tessy, will accompany their grandmother, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, for an event on Friday. The trio will be attending a charity running event to raise funds for HIV/AIDS awareness and research at the Mersch branch of the Lycée classique de Diekirch

Also worthy to look forward to is Saturday as Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie will be present for a concert to mark their first wedding anniversary by the Orchestre de Chambre du Luxembourg and a few others on that day. The benefits of the concert including music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Pyotr Tchaikovsky and Felix Mendelssohn will go to the 'A hand for the sick' initiative of the Luxembourgish Red Cross.

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