Tuesday, November 11, 2014

More Manager than 'Father of the Country'

Photo: IKR
This year, Prince Hans-Adam II celebrates his silver throne jubilee. He succeeded to Liechtenstein's throne on November 13, 1989, upon his father's death. To mark the anniversary, the Prince has given a lengthy interview to Vaterland. An article about the interview can be found online.

About his leadership style compared to that of his father, Prince Hans-Adam said, "I'm more than a manager who solves problems easily and quickly than a Landesvater." (Landesvater literally translates to 'father of the country' but is also a historical word for territorial lord.) Already in 1970, the future Fürst took over management of the Princely Family's estates, "[When I started out] most of the business were in financial distress and the accounting system catastrophic." 

Even though Prince Hans-Adam is only 69, his three sons have taken over his jobs. While Hereditary Prince Alois acts as his regent, Prince Max manages the family's bank and Prince Constantin "the rest of the family's possessions", says Prince Hans-Adam. In the interview the Fürst also talks about Liechtenstein's perspectives, their relationship with the fellow German-speaking countries and more.

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