Saturday, November 22, 2014

Princess Nora at a Christmas Bazaar

Photo: Bernardo Perez / El Pais
On Friday, Princess Nora participated in a Christmas bazaar in Madrid, El Rastrillo de Nuevo Futuro. The proceeds of this bazaar go toward supporting Nuevo Futuro, a partnership of organizations and programs that seek to provide family and social development for at-risk children. Among the programs is Fundación Educación Activa, which works to reach children with special education needs and assist families who do not have ready access to available educational programs. Princess Nora is the President of Fundación Educación Activa and has been a part of the annual Christmas bazaar for thirteen years.

This year's market is located in the Glass Pavilion of the Casa de Campo Exhibition Centre and runs from November 21st to 30th. It spans seventy booths and 8000 square metres, and is expected to draw around 30,000 shoppers.

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